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Commissioned by
DO vzw

  • graphic design
  • motion design
  • adjustable template design (Facebook banners, Instagram Stories, print)

Culture Crossing is a project by the Bruges’ based non-profit DO vzw. Its aim is to break down social barriers that hinder young people to participate in the mainstream, world-renowned, cultural offer in Bruges. Culture Crossing is the interface through which links are being constructed between a culturally diverse group of youngsters and the cultural institutions in the city. 

Design-wise, some guiding choices were made to visualize this, so to speak, “mutual ignorance” between cultural institutions and youngsters in Bruges. Ever shifting color gradients were chosen, as well as the interplay between blurry and solid lines.  All in a heavily pixeled package. 

Due to the restricted budgets, I designed templates in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere so that the DO staff can easily follow the design rules and make their own static or animated Stories, posters or banners for new events.