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Live Visuals for Doe Maar

Michélé De Feudis and I both worked on live visuals for the legendary Dutch ska-band Doe Maar. Included here are lo-res snippets of the visuals of songs that were assigned to me. 

For the instrumental song “De Vrolijke Padvinder”, I created the yellow city-walker who walks through rock ‘n’ roll history. With cameo’s for, among others, Nick Drake, Ramones, Bob Marley, Queen, David Bowie, and the nude guy on the cover of the Doe Maar debute album and two sea lions casually driving a yellow 80’s Zastava 101 car. 

For other songs, all from the album “4US”, I created thematic frame-by-frame animated GIF loops and spiced them up in Premiere Pro. 

Digital collage, animated walkcycle / Photoshop / Premiere Pro
doe maar live visuals willem roose