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Here are some unselected designs made for Culture Crossing. 

Rule-based modular poster 
Due to restricted budgets, I had to come up with a cost-effective way to let non-designers make the posters needed for a wide range of events. 

The idea here was to make a grid that could be used as a framework to make aesthetically pleasing posters without knowledge of graphic design. I came up with basic steps and rules to make the posters. 
1) The Grid: Always use the basic grid
2) Shapes & Pictures: Fill in the rectangle, triangle or quarter circles. Insert picture and use the gradient overlay
3) Title and text: fill in the copy for the event
4) Black out: fill all the remaining elements of the grid with black.

Early stage design (unselected) 
Bare minimum logo with a less-is-more attitude. Pure black and white, using the excellent and open source Bagnard font with a slash in the middle, pointing out the wide range of possibilities and outcomes in the project. 

Worked well as a sort of very clean and graphical “sticker”-thing: